More business with less hassle:
Teamleader helps entrepreneurs work smarter.

More business with less hassle, it might just be every entrepreneur’s dream. If it is down to Teamleader, it doesn’t stop with dreaming. The company already helps 12,000 entrepreneurs to work smarter with their work management software. On June, 23rd Teamleader organises Work Smarter: an event for entrepreneurs where you will get tons of inspiration for your business.

Born out of frustration

Frustration is the best start, at least for a new business. Teamleader started out as a small web agency that couldn’t find any good, affordable software to manage their daily business and administration. So they built it themselves. Teamleader, the tool, was born: an affordable work management solution, developed for SMEs by entrepreneurs who know all the small and bigger obstacles of entrepreneurship. Customer feedback remains the driving force behind the software. Its main goal: making life easier for entrepreneurs.

Overview and peace of mind for +12,000 entrepreneurs

Teamleader develops two products: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit. Teamleader Focus helps SMEs with up to 20 employees to work smarter, while Teamleader Orbit is mainly used by larger agencies and IT companies who often work on larger projects.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, Teamleader is the number one work management software: 12,000 entrepreneurs and their teams use it on a daily basis. The tool helps them save time on administration and gives entrepreneurs more overview and peace of mind. More insight in business figures and a better follow-up of leads, customers and invoices have another important advantage: research shows that Teamleader users sell 35% faster and 23% more.

Work Smarter, the event: inspiration for life and business

Supporting entrepreneurs so they can focus on what’s really important, that is the principle Teamleader was built on and it still is the company’s mission. That’s why Teamleader keeps improving and adapting its software to entrepreneurs’ needs.

On June 23rd, the company will organise an event fully focused on entrepreneurs, where they can find inspiration for their business and their personal life. How do you limit your time at the office and increase your turnover? How do you slalom smoothly between the many pitfalls that make the path of a (starting) entrepreneur unsafe?

At Work Smarter you will get the answers to these and many other questions, from inspiring speakers like Kamal Kharmach, Verne Harnish, Petra Baeck, Steven Van Belleghem, Saartje Vandendriessche and many more. All keynote speakers, practical information and tickets can be found here.

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