Which persona are you?

Only half a year to go until we can welcome you in the idyllic Bruges for the European Conference in 2022! During the conference we will offer you a smattering of different things to do: trainings, workshops, keynote speakers, leisure activities, parties, award shows, etc.

We can only imagine that you’ll experience some difficulty choosing between all these different activities. But hey, guess what? You’re not alone!

That is why we have created persona’s: 6 different archetypes who usually experience a conference in different ways. That way you can base your conference experience on the activities that recommend for your specific persona.

So without further ado, we gladly present to you our 6 persona’s!


First timer – Marie

Every jaycee remembers his or her first conference. To guide Marie, there will be a first timer session before the conference officially start with the opening ceremony.

Marie’s perfect conference program will offer the first timer session, drinks with fellow first timers, the opening ceremony, company visits, keynote speakers, the trade show, business game, food workshops, supporting the national debating team, after parties, enjoying a morning run on the Brugse vesten, enjoy our famous chocolate and beers and enjoy the award show and gala night.

We advise Marie to get a good night’s rest before arriving. Because at almost every hour, there is something to do in Bruges! The first timer competition (explained in the first timer session) will guide her to see every element of the conference.

The international experience will be amazing and we hope that Marie will be triggered to engage in even more JCI activities in the future!


Young Leader – Carla

We want to give Carla a conference that is tailored to her interests. Carla’s perfect conference program will offer an introduction to Belgium, beer tastings, the opening ceremony, the morning shows, chocolate workshops, supporting the public speaking contest, meeting local politicians, meeting food influencers, parties, company visits, twinning partners drink, boat trips on the Brugse Reitjes, visiting local food heritage professions, the award show and the gala night.

We advise Carla to visit the trade show as the place-to-be to meet like-minded souls.  This place will be the beating heart for the conference where experience and network comes together.

Our conference will be the perfect place to meet (inter)national friends and get the full JCI-package.


Foodie – Sophie

You don’t need to be a JCI member to visit the European conference. Our mission is to inspire young people about brighter food and we offer this also to Sophie.

Sophie’s perfect conference program offers company visits to local farmers, key note speakers about healthy food and farm to fork, the opening ceremony, morning runs, exploring traditional craft professions, beer tastings, after parties, participating in the debating contest, visiting musea, joining a boat trip, the award show and the gala night.

We advise Sophie to experience the conference with an open mind: enjoy the openness and inclusiveness of the event, meet JCI members and share experience. Jaycees love to meet new people.

EC Bruges 2022 is the perfect place for Sophie to be inspired for a brighter food future!


Senator – Robert

For Senators, our conference offers much more than only the senate program.

Robert’s perfect conference program offers a company visit to local farmers, visiting musea, the opening ceremony, key note speakers about farm to fork, the business day, after party, a golf tournament with senators, diner with fellow senators, morning run, a tour throughout the city by carriage, visiting musea, the award show and the gala night.

We advise Robert to go to the trade show as the place-to-be to network. This place will be the beating heart for the conference where experience and network comes together.

The conference offers a place for our esteemed senator to meet old friends, explore new things and teach the first timers a thing or two 😉


Business – Michaela

You don’t need to be JCI member to enjoy the conference. The mission is to inspire a brighter food future. We want to offer this to Michaela, with a business twist 😉

Together with the chapter of Bruges of the International Club of Flanders, De Hanze, we organize a business day on Thursday. Besides the inspiring keynotes, we’ll make it possible to meet up with familiar faces and to make new business contacts. That way, EC Bruges will become the European business center for one day 🙂


National president – Matteo

As a national president, Matteo will attend the general assembly and other official activities reserved for  National Presidents.

Although Matteo has a lot of official events, he will also enjoy the beautiful city Bruges and cherry pick activities from the JCI conference program.

We advise Matteo to join the trade show as the place-to-be to meet.  This place will be the beating heart for the conference, perfect for expanding his JCI network.

For National Presidents, EC Bruges is the perfect place to network, meet old and new jaycees and plan for the future!

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