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To organize an amazing European Conference this spring, we need lots of helping hands. There’s a big amount of work that needs to be done: guiding participants during company visits, building up and breaking down the trade show,… .

That’s why we need you! Helping as a volunteer in the JCI 2022 European Conference in Bruges will be much appreciated, but besides that of course also a great learning experience and on top of this a lot of fun! You could help for just one afternoon, or multiple days…That’s your choice. But either way there will be enough time to enjoy the conference.

After the conference we will arrange something special for all volunteers. This could mean an extra exclusive party, drinks… . It all depends on you. The more free helping hands, the more budget will be left to organise something.

Volunteers EC Bruges 2022

February Volunteer Challenge!

Okay, we know you will sign-up eventually, but for us it’s important to know as fast as possible who we can count on. Therefore we created the February Volunteer Challenge!

For that you have to get the rest of your local chapter also excited. The goal is to get as many subscriptions as possible before the end of February. At 01/03 we will count:

First of all, the top 3 of local chapters with the most volunteers signed up via the link below will all receive a crate of Brugse Zot beer. You’re active in not a small Local Chapter? Don’t worry besides the chapters with the most volunteers we will also donate a crate tho the chapters who will have the most volunteers in percentage terms on their amount of members. These reasons should be good enough to register via the link or QR-code below.