Update covid

Great news! Since May 23, 2022, there are no more restrictions to travel to Belgium. But perhaps your home country requires you to submit a negative PCR test upon return.

If you are in that case, you can request a Covid-19 Test Prescription Code (CTPC) at https://www.mijngezondheid.belgie.be/#/covid-19/prescriptions/request and use that code to make an appointment at the Bruges test center (B-Park, Blankenbergse Steenweg 420, unit 13, Bruges) at https://testcovid.doclr.be/#!/flow.

Transport to the test center and back can be arranged individually. The location is best reached by taxi or public transportation.

In normal circumstances you will receive the result within 24 hours by mail. You can also consult the result via https://www.mijngezondheid.belgie.be/#/covid-19/test-result . You will need the CTPC to recover your result from this site, so keep it close by after requesting it.

The cost per test is 55 euros.

Be sure to request your code and appointment in time. Worth mentioning on your to do list at arrival in Belgium 😉

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