TransSol moves the world

TransSol moves the world for each client. They are a company specialized in moving and transport. Also, they are responsable for collecting all kinds of waste in people’s home. You can understand why they are a new partner of EC Bruges.

Who is Transsol?

TransSol means Transport Solution. They are a company that is specialized in moving and transport. The traditional things you might think of, are business as usual for them.

But, they also stand out in their industry, because they collect all kinds of waste at home. Next to this, they give an answer to people’s problems:

  • Does your company has a lot of things that needed to be sorted?
  • A garden shed that is in need for a clean up?
  • Is your attic – basement of garage a place you haven’t visited for quit some time?

For TransSol, size does not matter. Of is the job a bit to dirty for yourself? They roll up their sleeves and carry out the assignment.

A special car, motor bike of something valuable that needs to be transported? We have all the manpower in the world to deliver. They are ready to help: B2B and B2C.

Also, they thrive on a good customer care. They are on standby 24/7 in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. When you are in need of a move (B2C), even across these these borders, you can contact them.

Why do they choose to be a partner of EC Bruges?

TransSol believes in giving back to their community and support great projects. Also, Food for Generations (the theme of EC Bruges) and the pilar (food) waste, which alligns with their corporate philosophy.

They will support us during the JCI European Conference, with their services.

How can you contact TransSol?

Kevin Dumon
+32(0)473 81 87 52

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