EC Bruges QuaData

QuaData is a consulting firm specialized in Data Governance and related topics like Data Quality, Data Strategy, Master Data Management and Data Compliance.

EC Bruges Foodwave

Food Wave has the aim to create awareness on sustainable ways to consume and produce food for climate change mitigation and activate young people in their cities.

EC Bruges Stuart

More than just a cloud partner  Our ambition is to find you the best possible solution. You will find us on-premise to test, enroll and support the entire process in a safe environment.

EC Bruges Pavlov

Pavlov is an independent branding consultancy with a proven track record in brand strategy and customer experience. Authenticity will always rule the world. 

EC Bruges Spa

The purest water that Belgium has to offer, is also the source of the passion to help their clients to have the greatest experience while using their products.

EC Bruges Ballistix

Ballistix is a digital studio, transforming complex challenges into intelligent solutions. Beyond? Yes, beyond the challenge there is a solution. Beyond the digital, their is a human.

EC Bruges Brugge

Bruges, Venice of the North. Always worthy of a visit. And Bruges is the center of the JCI European Conference 2022 from the 8th ’till the 11th of June 2022.

EC Bruges Baron

Bar.On creates any type of beer in a matter of seconds. No more fermentation is needed. Advanced mixing recipes recreate beer on a molecular level, with natural ingredients only.

EC Bruges Nona

By distilling only the best naturally sourced ingredients, we craft premium non-alcoholic spirits, offering consumers worldwide a delicious drink experience.

EC Bruges Concertgebouw Brugge

Since its opening in 2002, the Concertgebouw in Bruges has become an icon and one of the 1001 buildings in the world ‘to see before you die’. This is the location for the opening ceremony and party.

EC Bruges VBCB

Visit Bruges Convention Bureau is the official convention bureau of the city of Bruges. We offer free professional advice to the organisers of conventions, seminars, meetings and more.

EC Bruges Fincare

Jan Mechels is your guide in finance. Contact him for all your questions regarding loans, investments, and insurance. He will also be attending the conference as a JCI-member.

The Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC) is the perfect venue for special events, conferences and trade fairs. This will be one of the main locations of JCI European Conference 2022.

EC Bruges Agere

Ageré helps companies with their marketing, strategy, communication and social media. But here is the twist: with some modern common sense.

EC Bruges Bon Sauvage

passionate coffee lovers, our aim is to integrate coffee into everyday life in a new and innovative way. That is why Bon Sauvage tries to breathe new life into coffee through Coffee Spirit.

EC Bruges Moldex

Moldex is a leading manufacturer of professional respiratory and hearing protection.They will help us with their wonderful product during the different (after) parties.

EC Bruges IzyCoffee

IzyCoffee is a Belgian coffeechain specialised in espresso-based quality coffees. The chain started operating from a vintage coffeetruck under the bridge in front of the station of Izegem in 2018.

EC Bruges Flavourite Bruges

This initiative from the city of Bruges, launched the idea to visit the different restaurants in Bruges. You can discover the different locations on their website.

EC Bruges Teamleader

More business, less hassle. 60.000+ entrepreneurs and their teams use Teamleader’s work management software every day to sell, bill and organise work in one place.

Inspired by nature, the company pioneers a novel biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology.Planted ranked first at the TOP 100 Swiss Start-up Awards in 2021.

EC Bruges Transsol

TransSol means Transport Solution. They are a company that is specialized in moving and transport. The traditional things you might think of, are business as usual for them.

EC Bruges Avecom

During the interview, Stijn Boeren tells us how Avecom develops innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and industrial problems.

EC Bruges BDO

The international BDO network was established in 1963 by three European offices ( the first letter of each of the three founder’s names make up the logo of today’s network.

EC Bruges Hempions

The Hempions are a team of former athletes who make the tastiest innovations based on the superfood hemp seeds. They combine sustainably & health with taste & convenience.

EC Bruges Pianos Maene

Pianos Maene was founded in 1938 and is since then focusing on everything that is related to pianos. And we will have a piano during the JCI European Conference 2022: who is ready to play?

EC Bruges BeerSecret

This female entrepreneur launched one of Ghent’s first craft beers called Crabbelaer, which quickly grew into a  popular and much-loved brew on the Belgian beer scene. And now she runs BeerSecret.

EC Bruges Brugse Zot

Brugse Zot is a delicious blonde beer, brewed according to a unique and traditional recipe. During our Conference, you may enjoy a lot of this amazing beer ;-).

EC Bruges De Halve Maan

Located in the heart of Bruges, the ‘Halve Maan’ brewery is the home of Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik. During their guided tours, you can discover the secrets of the brewing process.

This is the company of Magali. And on a daily basis, she reads reports, visit events and webinars to feed here crazy urge to know everything that is happening in the food & beverage industry.

EC Bruges GBL

GBL is more than just an agency. They are creative source that inspire their clients. And we can know, because they support the JCI European Conference 2022 with their graphic skills.

EC Bruges Kvik

Kvik is a supplier of high-quality kitchens. To prove that, the will install a huge kitchen in the BMCC, that you can visit during the Tradeshow on Thursday and Friday.

EC Bruges Pepsico

Pepsico is very driven to have a safe plant, thanks to good products and great people.And those products you will discover during the JCI European Conference 2022.

During their workshops ‘The Great Taste of Food Waste’ you’ll get a glimpse of the philosophy and lifestyle of the heartdriven food rescuer behind Sam Serveert. You willl learn – in practice!

EC Bruges The Nutty Farmer

The Nutty Farmer is nuts about all the good things nature has to offer. The surprising range of seasoned cashew nuts invites your taste buds on a trip around the world. Visit them during the Tradeshow on Thursday and Friday, so you can discover their fairtrade cashew story.

EC Bruges Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go enables everyone to fight against food waste by connecting businesses and consumers through an application. They are a certified B Corp and the largest community in Europe to actively fight food waste. We have more than 126,000 partners and 48 million consumers in 17 countries.

EC Bruges SteffiFruit

Steffi-Fruit mainly grows conference pears and a number of types of apples such as Elstar, Boskoop, Jonagold. We also have our own fruit juice in 7 different flavors and 4 types of packaging. The company has 3 refrigerated vending machines where our products are offered and also: there will be 1800 appels during the EC.