What to expect, during the Opening Ceremony?

On Wednesday, 8th of June 2022, we officialy open the JCI European Conference 2022 with an Opening Ceremony. The WHO, WHAT, WHERE and HOW, are all shared in this article, thanks to our team member Saar Vandekeere.

Opening ceremony: when to arrive & what to expect?

On the 8th of June, the EC Bruges conference will kick-off with a grand and spectacular opening ceremony.

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Doors open at 6 pm
  • The venue can host 1300 people, so first come, first serve!
  • We will foresee a snack & apéro prior to the opening ceremony, so no need to have dinner before coming to the opening ceremony
  • The opening ceremony itself starts at 7h45 pm & will be hosted by Saartje Vandendriessche.
  • After the official session, a keynote by the famous Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone is foreseen
  • We will close the evening with a party hosted by JCI member DJ Sammy!
  • And last but not least: all drinks are for free !

Where to put your flag during the opening ceremony & do I need to foresee some seats for my club or country?

  • When entering the Concertgebouw, you will receive a colour code linked to your badge
  • This colour reflects the floor (Parterre, Foyer 1, Foyer 2) where we have foreseen places for your club & country to sit during the opening ceremony
  • Keep this colour close to you as the same colour applies for the gala night!
  • There will be no need to rush for seats, with 1300 places, we have covered that one for you!
  • The doors of the room will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the opening ceremony – so plenty of time to reserve seats or place your country flag if you would like to do so

Keynote Speaker during opening ceremony:
Who is Dominique Persoone?

Dominique Persoone began his career at hotel school Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges, where he took a cooking course. In addition to traditional chocolates, Persoone makes chocolates with new flavor combinations. He also became known for his chocolate snuff machine, the chocolate shooter, which he developed for the birthday party of The Rolling Stones. During his career, he delivered chocolates for Louis Vuitton and the Belgian and Jordanian Royal Family. Dominique owns two chocolate shops, called The Chocolate Line, in Bruges and

Antwerp and has and his own cocoa plantation in Mexico and honey from the bees on the rooftop of The Chocolate Line Factory in Bruges. His newest project is building a chocolate factory in Virunga National Park for the preservation of the park, the animals and helping the locals.

If you are intruiged by this person, then find out more at : https://www.thechocolateline.be/en/p/locations

Host of the evening during opening ceremony: who is Saartje Vandendriessche?

Saartje Vandendriessche is a true jack-of-all-trades: she Flemish actress, presenter and former announcer for the television station Eén. She acted in different television shows and works for more than 15 years for the VRT (Vlaamse Radio En Televisieomoroeporganisatie). Sports run like a thread through her life. Swimming, running, cycling and strength training are ticked off her calendar every week.

The love for sports seeped into her professional life, and therefore she is often asked as a host at (sports) events. In recent years, social issues have also become more and more important to her. Equality between men and women, nature, animals …. And since it is not in her nature to be downhearted, she also tries to make a difference there.

Read her full bio here: https://saartjevandendriessche.be/maak-kennis-met-saartje/

Discover the venue of the opening ceremony: welcome at Concertgebouw!

Concertgebouw Brugge wants to be a reputable global player in the fields of music and contemporary dance. With its wide range of interdisciplinary activities and the permanent opening up of its building, the Concertgebouw is also a center for visual art, sound art, literature and architecture. By focusing on creation, creativity and interaction with artists, at every stage of their career, the Concertgebouw wants to give the arts innovative stimuli, and to attract and involve a diverse audience and guide them on a path of discovery.

In this way, Concertgebouw Brugge also enhances the international reputation of the city of Bruges and of Flanders. In addition to its own artistic programme, the Concertgebouw makes its accommodation available to others for events of all types, such as the JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges.

Read more here: www.concertgebouw.be/nl/over-ons

Ready to join us?

Register today via www.ecbruges.com/tickets, pricing will go up starting 10th of May 2022!

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