School for Butlers and Hospitality

Have you always been fascinated by butlers who feature in classic British series, such as You Rang, M’Lord? Do you dream of being served by authentic butlers in a unique setting? The organisation of the EC Bruges conference therefore offers you the unique opportunity to visit the School for Butlers and Hospitality.

Since 1884, this world-renowned school has offered students the opportunity to take 1, 4 or 8-week courses to become a top butler. Should you be interested in pursuing such training, do not hesitate to take a look at their website for more detailed information:

Enjoy an exclusive dinner during EC Bruges

During the European conference, you can enjoy an exclusive dinner in this school for the bargain price of 115 euros per person on Friday evening, 10 June at 18:30.

You get a unique behind the scenes look and you will meet the international students. You will enjoy the following benefits, among others:

• Tour of the school discovering its history and a lot of tips on etiquette and lifestyle;
• Champagne and canapés served by its butler students;
• A 3 course dinner with selected wines and coffee with a range of sweets.

Transport is included in the price. It is advisable to register very quickly for this event as only ten persons can take part.

We want to thank JCI Sense (JCI Family in Belgium, with members that passed the 40-year-old mark and senators) for making this happen.

Registration will be possible when we launch the entire program, around May 2022.

Buy your tickets now, so you will be able to book this great experience!

Author: Bart Philips, member of Team Communications

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