Say HI to NONA Drinks, proud partner of EC Bruges 2022

After a hard day’s work, everyone deserves something tasty. NONA Drinks can provide just that, with their premium non-alcoholic spirits: the first Belgian non-alcoholic Gin & Spritz (and low in calories). During EC Bruges 2022, you will be able to taste it all. Are you ready for it? Cheers!

What does NONA stand for?

At NONA, they want to inspire people to fully experience a joyful life. By distilling only the best naturally sourced ingredients, we craft premium non-alcoholic spirits, offering consumers worldwide a delicious drink experience.

“No alcohol, no compromises”

NONA’s potential

Sales of low- and no-alcohol ‘spirits’ increased 32.7% between 2019 and 2020, with the sector expected to witness the biggest volume growth by 2024 compared with other low-and-no subcategories.

People are looking for healthier alternatives with their lifestyles, and the months of COVID has massively accelerated that.

Target market

NONA’s target consumer is not linked to age or gender, but to a behavior. People that enjoy life in a mindful and conscious way, who are willing to pay for a high-quality product. People who follow trends, seek experience, love food, but pay attention to their health and wellbeing.

Fun fact and free inspiration

Charlotte, the founder of NONA Drinks and a 27 year old bio-engineer from Ghent, got input from renowned chefs and Wine stewards (sommeliers).

You can find several recipes on their website, here is one we liked a lot ;-).

NONA Drinks and EC Bruges: a match made in heaven?

EC Bruges choose Foods For Generations as a theme for the conference. NONA Drinks is a Belgian company and a start-up, so ideal to increase brand awareness and using the drinks during the JCI European Conference 2022.

Want to learn more about NONA Drinks?

Do you want to taste it?

NONA Drinks will be present, with drinks, during EC Bruges 2022. Buy your tickets now:

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