Sam Serveert

During the workshop ‘The Great Taste of Food Waste’ at the Tradshow of the EC Bruges Conference you’ll get a glimpse of the philosophy and lifestyle of the heart-driven food rescuer behind Sam Serveert. We’ll learn – in practice! – that there’s nothing wrong with wonky/(over)ripe fruit and veggies or with processing food that has expired its ‘best before’ date. Quite on the contrary: they inspire to be unconventional in experimenting with them. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing: we’ll play, experiment, we’ll taste and hopefully find the answer to the question ‘What is (food)waste anyway?

Who is Sam Serveert?

The following testimony from the manager of Sam Serveert best reflects the company philosophy of this social circular company: ‘With Sam Serveert, I not only save unloved fruit & vegetables, but also seasonal abundance and wild-plucked nuts, blossoms, flowers, herbs, etc. Just think of the often much too fast growing courgettes, tomatoes, strawberries, berries in summer, hazelnuts and walnuts in autumn or pumpkins in winter.

I create, from the inspiration and the supply of the moment, exclusive, honest, healthy, vitamin and fibre-rich fruit nibbles with a harmonious, very varied range of flavours in a traditional way. I prefer to use ingredients of organic origin and I like to use everything that is edible in a fruit, vegetable, plant or flower, including the cores and peels. For extra flavour, colour and texture, I use both homemade fruit & vegetable powders and herb & spice mixtures in my creations, in addition to dried blossoms and flowers. Because purity and clarity are very important to me, I do not use any artificial flavouring or colouring agents, preservatives, additives or added sugars.

Want to join the workshop?

You can attend the tradeshow for free, it’s included in your conference ticket. You can simply add this activity (The Great Taste of Food Waste) via the JVC-platform.

No ticket yet? Be quick, prices will go up starting 10th of May 2022:

How can you contact Sam Serveert?

Sam Serveert

Tel.: +32 (0)486 79 64 97

The company itself does not have a physical store. Orders can be placed online, by mail or by phone. They can be picked up by appointment at the following location:

Ezelstraat 43
8000 Bruges

Of course, the company also dispatches orders with the greatest care. 

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