Safety is everything: please welcome our COVID Coordinator

To ensure everyones safety, we have created the position of COVID Coordinator. Why? The evolution towards the JCI European Conference 2022 is still months ahead and we are getting a lot of questions about this. So taking this serious and being pro-active, was a number one priority of the COC.

So: why a COVID Coordinator?

The role of this person is to build trust towards delegates. Trust that we, as JCI and organising the European Conference, will create a safe place taking into account all saftey measures needed.

It’s a role where communication is crucial, due to the different countries we are welcoming in June 2022.

Please welcome: Isabelle Bouckaert

Isabelle is Past President 2019-2020 of JCI Vlaanderen (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) and is no stranger to COVID. During the second part of her regional presidency, COVID became top of mind in the world. The battle of keeping JCI on track and keeping up with the latest information, was almost a daily task.

Also, our senator is a proud member of a Red Cross chapter since 2001 and local president for over 10 years. Needless to say: she has a passion for helping people.

She is the right person on the right place…right on time within our course towards the 2022 JCI European Conference in Bruges.

She will be working closely with our Communications Team and will be informing the COC/Country Managers with the up-to-date information for the different countries – as the information is communicated by the official channels.

If you have any questions for her, you can contact Isabelle by e-mail:

Feel safe enough :-)?

Go to and buy your Early Bird ticket today (deadline: 17th of December 2021).

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