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From pale lager to amber alecs, lambic beers, Flemisch red ales, sour brown ales, strong ales and stouts. When it comes to beer, Belgium is the place to be. Did you know UNESCO inscribed Belgian beer culture on their list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2016. That alone is a reason to taste some of them. Come and relish some of the classics and lessknowns  on the European Conference during one the of the ‘Taste of Belgium’ sessions.

Wine? In Belgium? Yes, we can. Like neighbours Luxemburg, the Netherlands, UK and most of Germany, Belgium is a cold-climate wine country, producing mainly sparkling and white wines from about 50 different grapes. If convinced, come and try them. If not convinced, come and try them. We are preparing a 100% Belgian wine tasting as one of the ‘Taste of Belgium’  sessions.

Taste of Belgium

Say cheese ! Belgium has a long and distinguished tradition of cheese-making. Today, the cheeses are numerous, varied and appetizing. There’s a surprisingly wide variety of tastes and styles: soft, crusty, semi-hard, hard, blue … Each of them is a treat. Come and taste them one the European Conference during on the of the ‘Taste of Belgium’ sessions.

Hmm, chocolate …. Belgian chocolate is – of course – chocolate produced in Belgium. A major industry since the 19th century, today it forms an important part of nation’s economy and culture. There’s always a reason to eat chocolate. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Sinterklaas, Christmas, as a dessert, with the coffee or just as comfort food. Have you tried the ruby chocolate? Come and taste them on the European Conference during one the of the ‘Taste of Belgium’ sessions.

Or as we say it “België for behinners”. An amusing and interactive trivia introduction to our lovely country Belgium. Tintin, chocolate, beer, lace, the Atomium, waffles, de Halletoren, some local sayings and need to knows for a wonderful experience at the European Conference in Bruges.

Curious on how to behave amongst other people? How to drink your wine on the gala and your beer on the afterparty? Fear no longer, come to the European Conference and learn all about etiquette during one of the ‘Taste of Belgium’  sessions.


Mix ‘n match with JCI friends. Learn how to prepare our unique JCI European Conference Cocktail while meeting new friends. Come and join us every day just before lunch or dinner. Yummie in the tummy !

Side order

One of our favourite side dishes in the menu has to be the Business Day. This events is known in the Bruges region as B2BnB! B2BnB is a joint initiative of four economic organizations: De Hanze, JCI Bruges, APZI, and VOKA.