Is coffee a musthave in your life? Try IzyCoffee: the newest partner of EC Bruges 2022!

Meet Bart, manager of IzyCoffee and a world traveler who saw the opportuniy to introduce Belgium to specialty coffee. Did you know that Belgians are the 8th largest coffee drinkers in the world? No wonder they get excited sometimes 😉 If it’s up to IzyCoffee: quality coffee at a fair and affordable price will quickly become the standard in Belgium. IzyCoffee is a proud partner of EC Bruges 2022.

What makes IzyCoffee so special?

IzyCoffee is a Belgian coffeechain specialised in espresso-based quality coffees. The chain started operating from a vintage coffeetruck under the bridge in front of the station of Izegem in 2018 and right now consists of 10 coffeeshops throughout Flanders.

Ambition is to go to 50 coffeeshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg by end of 2022 and 250 coffeeshops in those countries + Germany.

The mission statement of IzyCoffee, as a pan-European coffee powerhouse, is to bring quality coffees in a sustainable manner to the masses. That’s why IzyCoffee recently opened flagship stores in AAA-locations like The Meir in Antwerp and The Langemunt in Ghent. Bruges is the next one on the list, the 11th IzyCoffee shop should normally open there by mid 2022.

The 4 commandments of IzyCoffee specialty coffee:

  • The perfect bean blend
  • The ultimate espresso machine
  • A barista with knowledge
  • Plant-based for the planet

Why does IzyCoffee want to partner with EC Bruges?

Everyone in the world likes a good cup of coffee ;-). Their coffee will be served during EC Bruges 2022. They also believe in a good story like our event, just as their IzyCoffee story continues to conquer the world.

Also, they are preparing to open an IzyCoffee location in Bruges. Maybe worth a visit during your stay in our beautiful city?

How can you contact IzyCoffee?

Bart Buyse

Author: Britt Gevers, member of Team Communications

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