An apple a day…Steffi-Fruit

Steffi-Fruit is the next partner of the conference we would like to introduce to you. This fruit growing company from Moerkerke will also be represented at the tradeshow and will offer the participants of the conference a tray with 300 kg apples (about 1800 apples). After all, as the saying goes: one apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Who is Steffi-Fruit?

Steffi-Fruit mainly grows conference pears and a number of types of apples such as Elstar, Boskoop, Jonagold. They also have their own fruit juice in seven different flavors and four types of packaging. The company has 3 refrigerated vending machines where there products are offered. They also have their own farm shop where these quality products can be purchased. Apples as well as pears are only available from September to December. 

How can you contact Steffi-Fruit?

Marc Verstrynge
Weststraat 12
8340 Moerkerke (Damme)

Tel.: 050 50 09 29,
Fax: 050 50 09 29

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