Moldex works in a sustainable way

Moldex works in a sustainable way, that is also the reason they became a partner with JCI EC Bruges 2022. Say HI and meet Moldex!

Who is Moldex?

Moldex is a leading manufacturer of professional respiratory and hearing protection. We develop and produce in a sustainable way at our main location in Walddorfhäslach, with safety, comfort and quality as a top priority.

People around the world trust in the reliable and user-friendly respiratory and hearing protection products from Moldex. More than 400 employees in eight locations in Europe develop, produce and sell our occupational safety products in accordance with European standards.

Why do they choose to be a partner of EC Bruges?

Moldex is an active company with clients all around the world. Thanks to the values we both share and our international visittors, Moldex did not hesitated to join forces with JCI EC Bruges 2022. They will be protecting your ears during the conference, with their amazing earplugs

How can you contact Moldex?

Luc Rijnbeek, General Manager Benelux

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