Digital BallistiX – Work in progress – Transforming complex challenges into intelligent solutions

The next partner of EC Bruges is the company Digital Ballistix which transforms complex challenges into intelligent solutions. In the next post, you will discover more about the philosophy of this company and its activities. You will quickly understand why they are the ideal partner for EC Bruges.

Who is Digital BallistiX?

Digital BallistiX transforms complex challenges into intelligent solutions. They work according to the following philosophy: “Beyond the challenge, there is a solution. Beyond the digital, there is a human”. In other words, they strive for a symbiosis between human intelligence and technology in order to respond to the complex challenges of their customers.

This company offers the following services to their customers, among others:

  • It emerges technology, like blockchain as a way to create value, beyond the hype
  • It assesses viability of new business ideas and technology
  • It works together with end users to build things they love to use
  • It builds applications made for humans and killing the dreaded ‘super Excel’
  • It focuses on delivery and continuous use of the things it builds, made to last and scale
    This wide range of services shows very clearly that they offer the know-how to make the European conference a real success.

Some examples of the most recent and successful projects:

  • Digipolis Antwerp/AGSO – Smart teaching assignement for 5000 teachers
  • Globetrade – Blockchain for recycled plastics
  • City of Antwerp – Digipolis Antwerp – Digital coin to incentive circular behaviour

How can you contact Digital BallistiX?

Digital BallistiX
Vlasgaardstraat 52
9000 Ghent
+32 496 04 51 08

Author: Bart Philips, member of Team Communications

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