voorstelling Loic

Meet our cook: Loïc Van Imp

This young cook kickstarted his career when he was 23, by making his own cooking tutorials for easy-to-make student dishes. And he will be in our demo kitchen, showing his skills, during JCI European Conference 2022.

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Partner Waltson


We would like to present our next partner Waltson to you. At the various receptions and parties at the European conference, you will be able to taste this partner’s traditionally baked chips.

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Partner Andy


We would like to introduce you to our next partner Andy. During the conference, you will be able to taste extensive (alcoholic) beverages. Andy is a company that delivers these drinks at home without charging extra for this.

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Partner Santé Wines

Santé Wines

We would like to introduce you to our next partner, Santé Wines. During the European Conference, you will find out that Belgium is not just a country of beer and chocolate. You will also have the opportunity to tantalise your taste buds with the highly selective wines of this top wine supplier.

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More business with less hassle:
Teamleader helps entrepreneurs work smarter.

More business with less hassle, it might just be every entrepreneur’s dream. If it is down to Teamleader, it doesn’t stop with dreaming. The company already helps 12,000 entrepreneurs to work smarter with their work management software. On June, 23rd Teamleader organises Work Smarter: an event for entrepreneurs where you will get tons of inspiration for your business.

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Partner mi joya

Mi Joya

Mi Joya is the next partner we would like to introduce to you. It may sound cliché, but Belgium and Bruges are renowned worldwide for their chocolate. In the following lines, you will be able to discover what distinguishes this company from other chocolatiers.

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