Bruges as an hanseatic city
Inspiration Bruges

Bruges as a hanseatic city

Before explaining the role of the city of Bruges as a hanseatic city, the term ‘Hanse’ should first be defined. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a hanse should be considered as “a league originally constituted of merchants of various free German cities dealing abroad in the medieval period and later of the cities themselves and organized to secure greater safety and privileges in trading.”

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Isabelle Bouckaert

Safety is everything: please welcome our COVID Coordinator

To ensure our safety and also of all the delegates, we have created the position of COVID Coordinator. Why? The evolution towards the JCI European Conference 2022 is still months ahead and we are getting a lot of questions about this. So taking this serious and being pro-active, was a number one priority of the COC.

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New partnership alert: FoodBev Trend Explorer

An event like JCI EC Bruges 2022, is only possible thanks to the support of energetic members and…partners. We like to put our partners in the spotlight, so here to start our new segment ‘new partnership alert’, please welcome

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