New partnership alert: FoodBev Trend Explorer

An event like JCI EC Bruges 2022, is only possible thanks to the support of energetic members and…partners. We like to put our partners in the spotlight, so here to start our new segment ‘new partnership alert’, please welcome

Magali Renard, proud owner, tells her story in her own words:

Hi, my name is Magali! And on a daily basis, I read reports, visit events and webinars to feed my crazy urge to know everything that is happening in the food & beverage industry. 

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2015, at the age of 24, when I founded and managed one of the biggest accelerator programs The Birdhouse in Belgium. 

Coming into contact with innovation on a daily basis, pushed me to my second endeavour in the industry I carried even closer to my heart: the foodbev sector. With Renard Drinks I launched a range of non-alcoholic beverages, based on food pairing principles, into Michelin Star restaurants like ‘t Zilte and Bartholomeus. 

As pioneers in the market, we have learned by trial and error how dynamic the food industry is. Because all passion and enthusiasm aside, starting up a solid food brand is no mean feat. Knowing your product is one thing. Knowing when and how to market it is another. With this experience in my backpack, I help other companies in the field of innovation, market research and customer experience, in the form of tailor-made trend sessions, go-to-market trajectories, and inspiring content strategy meetings. This gives you all the tools you need to be and remain future-proof.

Want to know more about her?

Whether you are completely new to the foodbev industry or just need a fresh pair of eyes, she is happy to assist you. Leave your details here and let’s talk about your challenge. 

Extra support

As our theme is ‘Food for Generations‘, Magali will assist our team with her expertise. Thanks to content and knowledge sharing, we will be able to generate the latest trends and info from an expert ;-).

Are you ready?

Register today for the JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges and be part of the very first conference since…a long time. Early bird is still going strong, 17th of December 2021 is the deadline:

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