Meet Stijn Boeren, Business Development Manager and Member of the Board of Directors at Avecom

We are very happy to present our one of our main partners in this newest episode of our podcast series ‘Food For Generations’! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Stijn Boeren, Business Development Manager and Member of the Board of Directors at Avecom. Avecom is a very innovative SME which specializes in steering and optimizing microbial processes, the engineering of microbiomes and circular economy.

During the upcoming European Conference we will tackle several subjects concerning food. That is why we have interviewed Stijn Boeren in our podcast series. Listen to the episode via


Tackle environmental and industrial problems

During the interview, Stijn Boeren tells us how Avecom develops innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and industrial problems. Avecom, as a very innovative SME, strives for the application and commercialization of microbial products and processes.

At Avecom, theory is put to practise. They commercialise products and deliver expert services in the field of environmental biotechnology. Their innovations are applied in wastewater treatment, soil remediation and biodegradation, air management, fermentation processes, sustainable feed and food streams. In short, by using microbes they can optimise certain processes and cleanse water, soil and air. They can even give a second life to feed and food streams. With their technology they can also ensure a better future production of plastics. “At Avecom, not only do we have skilled engineers but also billions of workers: our micro-organisms basically do the work. It’s a multibillion army that will produce – in a more sustainable way – what we need”, says Boeren.


Avecom and EC Bruges

The conference theme ‘Food For Generations’ is a perfect fit for Avecom. Avecom, as a cutting edge innovative player, wants to tackle similar environmental issues as JCI EC Bruges. Avecom has taken the opportunity to display their know how, projects and microbial solutions. As they focus heavily on circular economy and a sustainable food system, we can’t wait to introduce them to the other companies and our thousands of visitors.

Are you also anxious to meet Stijn Boeren, Avecom and the multibillion army of (microbial) workers? Book your ticket today and we all will see each other very soon at the conference in June 2022! =>

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