Meet Mathias Jennes and Bram Croon from FoodM, the up and coming smart fridge musketeers!

Meet Mathias Jennes & Bram Croon, co-founders of FoodM and main partner of EC Bruges!

We are very happy to present one of our most important partners in this new episode of our podcast series ‘Food For Generations’! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Mathias Jennes en Bram Croon, co-founders of FoodM. This promising start up – or should we say scale up – aims to bring healthy food to the work floor with their state of the art smart fridges, app and high tech platform! And with a  jaycee from JCI Aalst as their Chief Technology Officer, what can go wrong? #reachforthestars

FoodM is a relative new player in the world of smart fridges, they started in 2021 and are eager to conquer the market. With their smart fridges, they want to make the workplace more attractive, focus on time awareness and want to get healthy, balanced food into the workplace. That way they eliminate the struggle at lunch time at the office. Losing time, with FoodM, is a thing of the past.

“People today want to live healthier and more varied lives and they are also more conscious about how they spend their time. We want to capitalise on that.” – FoodM

Making synergies

In their current phase, they focus on perfecting their high tech platform. That way, they can focus on what they do best: provide a great service to companies via a subscription formula, a user friendly platform and deliver data to local caterers so they don’t lose time or produce as well. That way FoodM guarantees delicious, healthy meals 24/7 in your company. Via their ingenious system, the company and the caterer can check which dishes are most popular and take into account each employee’s preferences (including allergies, etc). And did we mention it is easy to use? Via the app, each employee can check which meals are in the fridge and FoodM aims to work with a wallet system for an even smoother payment.


Ready for EC Bruges 2022!

FoodM loves the international scale of the conference and its focus on sustainability. That is why they have partnered up with EC Bruges, it’s a perfect marriage. They are very much looking forward meeting other companies and check out how FoodM can make their enterprise even more sustainable with other partners.


Invest in FoodM?

Can’t get enough and do you want a part of the action? You can! Be part of the future and invest in this promising scale up (vinger)  



Check out our brand new podcast episode here:



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