Meet Bart Buyse, King of IzyCoffee and main partner of EC Bruges!

We are very happy to present one of our main partners in this new episode of our podcast series ‘Food For Generations’! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Bart Buyse, owner of IzyCoffee. IzyCoffee is a coffee chain specialised in espresso based quality coffees. Their mission: bring high quality coffee to the masses!

Pioneer Bart Buyse started with a vintage coffee truck under the bridge in front of the train station in Izegem in 2018. On his first day he sold five coffees. Five years later, IzyCoffee has 10 venues across Flanders, including flagship stores in AAA-locations in Antwerp and Ghent (pssst: they will open one in Bruges as well!). Bart has a dream: this year he wants 50 shops and next year he wants to expand in neighbouring countries like Germany and on a European level. The sky is the limit!

“Coffee is the wine of the 21st century”

For Bart, coffee is the wine of the 21st century. Wat makes IzyCoffee stand apart from all other coffee shops is their focus on high quality. They only use the best quality arabica blends for their coffee and use La Marzocco espresso machines (“the Lamborghini of the espresso machines”). They only partner up with strong local entrepreneurs for their side products and invest a lot in their employees. To have the best barista’s, they even have their own IzyCoffee Academy. “Happy employees, make happy customers. At EazyCoffee with believe in ‘survival of the kindest’. With our SCA-barista-certificate, they can work as a barista everywhere in the world”, says Bart.

Sustainability is key

In their quest to bring high quality coffee to the masses, they do it with the utmost respect for the planet, humans and animals. For example: they want to preserve the planet by not using china coffee cups – you need A LOT of detergent, water and energy to clean. Instead 80 % of the coffee is served in recyclable cups and they even have their own tumbler cups that are reusable for customers. If customers use the IzyCoffee tumbler cups, they get discount. In spring 2022, they will even reuse their coffee grounds/residue to make soaps and candles!

Ready for EC Bruges 2022!

They love the international scale of the conference and its focus on sustainability. That is why they have partnered up with EC Bruges, it’s a perfect marriage. IzyCoffee is very much looking forward serving you their high quality coffee from their vintage coffee truck at the conference!

Check out our brand new podcast episode here:

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