Is reducing food waste on your New Year’s resolutions list? 6 tips to contribute to a better world!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Hopefully reducing food waste is on your list?! In Flanders (the Flemish region of Belgium where Bruges is situated) every year about 2 million tons of food goes to waste. Worldwide this is an astonishing 1,3 billion ton, which is a third of the total food production.

Everyone has to contribute to reducing food waste: factories, farmers, restaurants, .. and ultimately you at home! Here are 6 tips to avoid food waste in your own home, applied by Jelle Beeckman, also known as The Messy Chef:

Tip 1: Simply don’t buy too much food! It sounds easy, but every package of food that ends up in the thrash is one to many and could have been avoided, simply by not purchasing it.

Tip 2: Schedule your meals in advance, for example by making a weekly schedule. Take into account your leftovers and plan for them. When is the last time you ate a whole cauliflower in one meal?

Tip 3: Keep a pantry stocked to prepare leftovers in a different way. Dry food such as diced tomatoes, chickpeas, pasta, … have a long shelf life and using your pantry can also avoid an extra trip to the store.

Tip 4: Provide a clear overview in your fridge and pantry, this way you can easily see what you have in stock. Also the more rotten food you have in your fridge, the less it invites you to cook.

Tip 5: Even with leftovers you can create a festive meal, like putting it on a pizza or in a stew. Stale bread is perfect for making bread pudding and even for more unexperienced cooks: any kind of vegetable can be turned into soup.

Tip 6: Don’t turn your freezer in a waiting room… to the garbage can! Before buying new groceries: first check what’s still in the freezer because even frozen food has an expiration date.

Source: 6 tips om minder eten te verspillen | Radio 2, de grootste familie

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Britt Gevers
Team Communications
EC Bruges 2022

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