Hi Ageré, a proud partner of EC Bruges 2022

An event, project and conference like EC Bruges, is always attractive for own members to become a partner. Ageré is just one example of our partners who comes from the ranks. If you are in need of someone who has a ‘just do it’ mentality, he is the man to talk to.

Who is Ageré?

The passion for the craft that is called marketing, started in 2004. In the academy, founder and entrepreneur Kenneth De Decker was inspired by one teacher called Luc H. . He switched to night school and after a couple of years (combined with starting his first job and a lot of networking) he received his bachelor degree.

During his first job (almost 11 years), he worked for a B2B-magazine and agency. Clients, many projects and working with creative people were a daily challenge. When he resigned in December 2016, he joined the start-up Loop’d (Digital out of home) with a focus on digital mirror advertising.

But clients kept on calling and he did a lot of pro bono work. The first of January 2019 marked the beginning of Ageré: marketing, communication and social media (with some common sense).

Ageré stands for ‘to DO’ and ‘to conduct’, because is Kenneth’s way of life: No time to waste, like Greenpeace ;-).

Why does Ageré want to partner with EC Bruges?

Since 2013 (and his membership in February 2014), Kenneth is a energy driven member of JCI Lier, who is a true believer of taking on a challenge and responsibility for the purpose of it – not for the name or public exposure.

After his year as a Regional President 2020-2021 (JCI Vlaanderen, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium), he got into talks with COC Director Jonas Maes. He joined Team Communications and was eager to forsee a structure and making quick wins in the first weeks on the job.

A European Conference, in your own country, is a once in a lifetime opportunity (as an active member). Also, JCI is an important part in his personal growth, so the challenge was accepted to join and to become a partne.

How can you contact Ageré?

Kenneth De Decker


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