Food for thought by 2022 NP Laurence Schuurman of JCI Belgium

In our new series ‘Food for thought’, we challenged several JCI members to make a video about their favorite food / drinks / food sustainability idea and more. First up, is our 2022 NP Laurence Schuurman.

Leading by…our NP received the e-mail from the communication team, asking for a video about food, drinks, best restaurants, tips on a sustainable food system,… . And she was the first one to send us a video.

So how does our 2022 NP Laurence Schuurman takes on the world and lives by our theme ‘Food for Generations’? She just started a proces of local shopping and in bulk with less waste. Is it perfect? “Noooo, but is is a good start”, she says.

Check out her video and register for EC Bruges 2022:

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