How to use the JVC platform for your program

/// UPDATE ///
Tickets and program selections for EC Bruges no longer happen on the JVC. From now on, please purchase your ticket on this website, and reserve your program via the Program page. You will then find your schedule on My Account.

Original content:

The JCI JVC platform is the place to form your program for JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges. JCI HQ send us an explainer video (based on the 2021 JC WC), to help you creating the program during our conference.

A very important note, before starting with JVC: your e-mail adress needs to be the same in JVC as the one you have used during registration (solo or in BULK via your delegation).

Add sessions to your Congress schedule!

  • Go to “Program Details” 
  • Click “+” to add the meeting / program / training on your schedule 

How to Sign Up and activate your JVC account  

Although the JCI Virtual Community is still growing, using it as a host site for the 2022 JCI European Conference is an important and thrilling step in getting to know the platform. If you are having problems utilizing the JCI Virtual Community during the registration process, here are two tutorial videos to guide you through the platform with ease: 

Important note: any JCI member with a current account only needs to reset their password to access the JVC! If you have an account already, follow these steps and you’ll be logged on in seconds. Please check your essential profile information, notably that your local organization is correct, before you register for the Conference. 

It is highly recommended that you use your personal email for to reactivate your account on the JVC platform. After that, you can reset your password immediately. If you don’t have an account yet or have lost your previous account on, you can create a new one straight away. 

Technical question about JVC?

If you have any technical question, please send your feedback to

What can also help you?

If you can’t log into JVC, click on the button ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the process.

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