EC Bruges Program update march 2022

We are O-so-ready for you to join us during the JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges, from the 8th ’till the 11th of June 2022. But: we know that some of you are waiting on more info about the program. So we went all out this month and we want present to you a massive update. Are you ready?

A program update in March?

For those who are more experienced with a congres of conference, know that an update of the size in normally launched a couple of weeks before the events. But after receiving a lot of feedback from the members worldwide and knowing that a lot of you want to make the right choice after the covid period, we discussed this with JCI HQ. And they shared our vision on this item.

We told you, that we are creating the blueprint for the future state of a JCI European Conference. So an earlier update is the key to motivate those who are still in doubt.

Thanks to the ‘sync’ between our Team Content and JCI HQ during March 2022, we have collected as much as we could – based on final confirmation. And the good news is: we have a lot to show!

We have devided this update into keynotes, visits, trainings,… So you get a clear overview on what is cooking ;-).

Are you ready!? Let’s go!

MASSIVE UPDATE JCI EC Bruges Program 2022


  • Belgium for beginners: a fun introduction
    Jonathan Schuermans (regional president JCI Vlaanderen 2021-2022)
  • Work management
    Partner Teamleader
  • Sensory tasting by Sensolab
    Joachim Schouteten (lecturer at Ghent University)
  • De Foodarcheoloog*
  • Gianluca Di Taranto*
  • Yoga Session
    Yvonne König (Yoga expert and senator JCI Belgium)
  • Junior Cocktail Int.
  • Workshop bartending & cocktail techniques
     Arne Van Bel (better known as “the black shaker”)
  • Taste of Bruges Lace
  • Taste of Bruges Cheese
    Goran Vanneste (member of JCI Damme and Cheese expert)
  • JCI Blind Date
    JCI Mechelen
  • Healthy food, Healthy mindset, healthy kids​
    Rolinde Demeyer (Op de Groei)

Visits / Tours / Company visits / Events

  • Exclusive guided tour in Bruges, by Jaycees for Jaycees (thanks to JCI Senate Belgium)
  • Beer Walking Tour (thanks to our partner BeerSecret, English and French version!)
  • Fish Auction*
  • Snick EuroIngredients*
  • Kopje Zwam*
  • Aquafin (Wastewater treatment plants)
  • Twinning Ceremony
  • Business Day
  • Trade Show
  • Guided tour airport Bruges/Ostend
  • Fly over Bruges: per 3 persons (exclusive)


  • Dominique Persoone
    opening keynote on Day 1
  • The story of a community fridge in Copenhagen and how to involve civil society to act against food waste.
    Irene Di Lauro (co-founder FællesSkabet i København)
  • Edible Communication: Why it is impossible to separate food from communication.
    Charlotte De Backer (Professor of Communication Sciences at the University of Antwerp, and director of the Food Media & Society)
  • subject tbc
    Jeroen De Wit (CEO Teamleader)
  • How coffee grounds is fueling circular economy
    Partner IzyCoffee
  • Networking
    Filip Verstraete (Business Developer at BDO)
  • Keynote family companies, next generation
    Jan Oosterlinck (partner at BDO)
  • subject tbc
    Pascal Bieri (co-founder Planted)
  • Food Waste Workshop
    Karin De Batselier (Member of Brugs FoodLab)
  • Food in a healthy lifestyle for all generations
    Celine Vereeck (certified dietitian and intuitive eating counselor)
  • Sustainability in food sector
    Isabelle Aelvoet
  • Creative Young Entrepreneur Program
    JCI HQ
  • Brandhacking – 7 crucial insights to make your brand indispensable
    Stef Verbeeck (Pavlov and senator JCI Lier)
  • Even more keynotes thanks to Pepsico and more!


  • Influence
    Berith Spoel (JCI Netherlands)
  • World Trade Game
    Berith Spoel (JCI Netherlands)
  • Insights Explore
    Dominique Jouy
  • To Flirt or not to flirt in business and bars
    Heert-Jan Dokter & NIcole Van Hooy (JCI Netherlands)
  • Official JCI Training: Debating (English and French)
  • Official JCI Training: Public Speaking
  • Personal Branding – the key to business and personal success
    Stef Verbeeck (Pavlov and senator JCI Lier)
  • How to turn your idea into a RISE project
    Official JCI Program
  • CYE Training
    Official JCI Program
  • Member Growth & Development Plans
    Official JCI Program
  • How to attract & keep Generation Z
    Official JCI Program
  • Growth & Development Tools
    Official JCI Program
  • Sustainable Leadership in JCI
    Official JCI Program

*This activity was brought to you with the support of the City of Bruges and Food Wave. #CatchTheWave #FoodWaveProject

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