Dear jaycee from abroad,

First of all: we are very excited to welcome you during the JCI European conference between 8 to 11 June 2022!

But first: how to travel and enter into Belgium? What do you need?

For legally traveling and entering into Belgium, third-country nationals in principle need to apply for a visa.

Obtaining a visa requires several documents to be provided to the Belgian embassy in the country where you officially reside (or, in some cases, the country of your nationality).

One of these documents is often a mandatory “invitation letter”.

Some third-country nationals are exempted from obtaining a visa and can therefore travel merely on their passport. Even though they do not need a visa (and therefore not a visa invitation letter), having an invitation letter at hand when traveling to Belgium is still strongly recommended because you can still be stopped at border control upon your arrival in Belgium (whereby an invitation letter can be very helpful!).

Are you:

  • A third country national who needs to apply for a visa?
    • providing an invitation letter is often mandatory for obtaining your visa
  • A third country national who does not need to apply for a visa?
    • having an invitation letter is not mandatory yet still strongly recommended


In the attachment you may find:

  • The step plan for obtaining your invitation letter
  • Some guidelines for obtaining your visa c

Looking forward to welcoming you in real life!
In case of questions: please contact your country manager.
With kind regards,
The EC Bruges 2022 organization

Step plan for visa application and invitation letter

Please see the PDF file linked below for info.