Get to Belgium

Coming from abroad? Belgium is home to many international airports and train stations. These international hubs connect to Bruges quite easily. So whether you arrive in Brussels, Antwerp, or another big city, your local connection shouldn’t be an issue. 


Brussels Airport is the most known, and can be reached from pretty much any destination in the world. Upon arrival, simply drop down a few floors in the same building, and hop into a train to Bruges! This train ride will take you to Bruges in 90 minutes.

Antwerp Airport is mostly connected to other European airports. To get from here to Bruges, you’ll first need to go to the centre of Antwerp. There you can hop into a train to Bruges! 

Ostend Airport is not as well known as the other two, but much closer to Bruges! From here, you’ll need to get to the Ostend train station first (bus or taxi), and then it’s only a 13min train ride to Bruges!

International train stations

Travelling by train is not only more sustainable than travelling by plane. It’s also more pleasant: more room to move, you don’t lose cell signal, and there are fewer luggage restrictions!

The Brussels-South Station (Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid) is the Belgian hub for international rail traffic. Numerous high speed trains arrive in Brussels-south daily, coming from:

An excellent universal website to find international train routes in Europe, is the one made by the Germans (who else?). Go to to find what you need.

Every day, there are three trains an hour from Brussels-South Station, which stop in Bruges on their way to Ostend, Knokke or Blankenberge. The travelling time between Brussels-South and Bruges is approximately 1 hour. 

Get to Bruges

Have you arrived in Belgium? Awesome! Welkom, bienvenue, wilkommen and welcome!

For the last stretch, you have basically 2 options: train or car.


Bruges is home to only one train station so you can’t miss there. Upon arrival, you’re a 10 min walk away from the conference location. 

Coming from:

  • Brussels Airport: direct trains, ~90mins
  • Brussels South: direct trains, ~60mins
  • Antwerp: you’ll have a stop in either Ghent or Brussels, ~approx 2 hours
  • Ostend: direct trains, ~13mins



3 options for car parks:

About 100m away from the conference location, there is a huge underground car park called “Interparking ‘t Zand“. Home to almost 1400 spaces and 32 charging ports for your electric car, this is the closest you can park. Rates are ~14.40€ per 24h. Visit their website for details. 

GPS: ‘t Zand 22, 8000 Brugge – Google Maps LinkWaze Link


The train station parking is called exactly that: “Parking Station“. 1700 spaces, and at 5,50€ per 24h, you can’t go wrong. Visit their website for details. 

GPS: Chantrellstraat 42-62, 8000 Bruges – Google Maps LinkWaze Link


Behind the train station there’s the “Oesterparking“. Above ground and home to 175 spaces, parking here will only cost you ~2,5€ per 24h. Visit their website for details. This parking is 1.2km away from the conference location.

GPS: Koning Albert I-laan 4277, 8000 Brugge – Google Maps LinkWaze Link