Covid update: new recommendation on free travel

The European Council adopted a new recommendation on free travel within and to Europe. And this is good news for all our delegates, who want to join us during EC Bruges 2022.

Under the new recommendation, COVID-19 measures should be applied taking into account the status of the person instead of the situation at regional level, with the exception of areas where the virus is circulating at very high levels. This means that a traveller’s COVID-19 vaccination, test or recovery status, as evidenced by a valid EU digital COVID certificate, should be the key determinant. 

Travellers in possession of a valid EU digital COVID certificate should not be subject to additional restrictions to free movement.

Travelling from a third country?

A prior negative PCR test may be necessary. Also, self-isolation or further testing may be required.

Check all measures on this page:
The Council recommendation is not a legally binding instrument. The authorities of the member states remain responsible for implementing the content of the recommendation.

You can find the specific measures for Belgium here:

We are very happy with the change of the “corona barometer” from red to orange on the 18th of February 2022, here in Belgium. Considering the current evolution, we are likely to have a physical event in June :-).

EC Bruges 2022 is O-so-ready to host the European Conference, so book your tickets now on our website and join us.

Please contact our Covid Coordinator Isabelle Bouckaert: We don’t step aside, we step up ;-).

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