Buying a ticket for JCI European Conference 2022 is a safe investment

The JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges will be the first, physical conference within JCI since 2019. But, we understand the hesitation amongst members and senators. We are here to clear the air and make our objective as evident as possible.

First and only objective: full blown physical event

From the 8th ’till 11th of June 2022, we organise the European Conference in Bruges. Everything you may expect and more, for our object: a full blown physical event, a blueprint for the future conferences.

But what if…we got you!

We can understand the hesitation amongst members and senators, for buying tickets now (more than 6 months before the start). Why should U buy now? We have some motivation for you:

  • All the JCI Members are eager to experience a physical event and we feel your desire! So our program will be on point.
  • We want to create that blueprint of a future European Conference.
  • A lot of countries ordered already in BULK, so you will meet a lot of new people.
  • By the 18th of December 2021, the price will increase with 60 euros.
  • In the Spring of 2022, our prices will increase twice, so you have an advantage when you buy an Early Bird ticket.
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But what if…? Our statement is loud and clear (also, show on our website): Should the physical event be cancelled, the EC Bruges 2022 Team will provide a virtual experience. Your ticket will be valid for the virtual event, and a flawless refund of 75% will be offered.

We also have a covid coordinator

Since November 2021, we have a covid coordinator: senator Isabelle Bouckaert. She shares some words of wisdom:

It looks like this virus will become a part of our lives. Therefore, we are constantly checking the measures to contain the virus . We monitor all information, concerning the new variant.

For now, the same entry rules still apply for Belgium: vaccination certificate and/or negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival, with the exception of very high risk countries outside the European Union

We are still more than 6 months away from our fantastic European Conference. We dare to hope that the circumstances will be different by then and that we will be able to enjoy a top conference.

Conclusion? Buying a ticket for JCI European Conference 2022 is a safe investment

Yes, we said it: a safe investment. We are not backing down and keeping our eyes on our objective.

Are you ready to go ahead and buy your early bird tickets? Go to and register before the 17th of December 2021.

ps: do you want to buy in BULK? Contact your Country Manager today!

Kenneth De Decker
Communications Director
EC Bruges 2022

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