Hi BeerSecret, a proud partner of EC Bruges 2022.

Want to discover your new best Belgian beer friend? Then, claim your spot at a BeerSecret experience during EC Bruges 2022! Founder Liselot, proud member of JCI Brussel is going to take you on a great beer journey! Cheers!

Who is BeerSecret?

Liselot Caura | Founder & Guide
In 2014, I launched one of Ghent’s first craft beers called Crabbelaer, which quickly grew into a  popular and much-loved brew on the Belgian beer scene. In a traditionally male industry, I quickly became one of the few women with deep knowledge about the amazing world of Belgian beer. A few years later, I started organising a beer tasting tour, so I could use my knowledge to inspire all beer lovers out there! From tourists to anyone who wants to participate in fun group activities.

“There’s nothing I love more than to talk about the city, our culture and history of Belgian beers, so much so that I made it my full-time job and life’s work! Join me and together we’ll discover your favourite Belgian beer!”

What’s BeerSecret?

BeerSecret offers carefully crafted Belgian beer tasting experiences and tours.  These tours are designed to help our guests get a taste of the authentic Belgian culture, through our love and passion for “all-things-beer”.  Our Belgium Beer Tours are small, intimate beer tastings and our Belgium Brewery Tours allow you to discover how artisanal beer is brewed, Belgian-style. We offer high-quality beer tours, not only in Belgium’s buzzing capital city of Brussels but also in pittoresque Ghent and Bruges.

Beer Tour

So, what will you experience during our tours?

  • Discover what’s so unique about the Belgian beer culture (no matter your previous beer tasting experience!)
  • Get answers to your long-lasting beer questions: yes, we work in a very engaging way!
  • The large variety of flavors and beer styles. Perhaps you’ll uncover a new favorite taste?

Keep an eye on the website, so you’ll be on time to claim your spot at the BeerSecret tours!

Representing JCI Brussel at the EC Bruges Team

A few years ago, Liselot Caura discovered the JCI network and she didn’t doubt a second to join this great community! As a proud member of JCI Brussel, she has already engaged in a few projects, which is not limited to only beer-related events. And here we are: as an experienced communication profile, Liselot joined the EC Bruges team to use her communication skills. On the other hand, she’s also here to learn how to improve every part of a marketing campaign!
Next to her commitment in sharing everything you want to know about Belgian beers, she also shared with our social media followers how to reduce food waste, a project held by Foodwinners, Bruges.

BeerSecret and EC Bruges: a match made in heaven?

100%! With a focus on local food and drinks at the conference, it was quite clear from the start: the BeerSecret experiences are definitely a match made in heaven!

Want to know your guide Liselot before you meet her?

Check this out:



Contact Liselot at liselot.caura@ecbruges.com or lot@beersecret.com

Are you joining Liselot at EC Bruges? Get your ticket fast before it’s sold out:

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