We would like to introduce you to our next partner Andy. During the conference, you will be able to taste extensive (alcoholic) beverages. Andy is a company that delivers these drinks at home without charging extra for this.

Who is Andy?

With Andy, you can order your drinks online, and have them delivered within 3 hours with 100% electric vans. They offer a wide variety of drinks to the hotel and catering industry, companies and individuals. Just order your drinks online, and they will take care of the delivery, including the collection of your empties.  Easy Peasy! By the way, Andy recently launched its own beer to deliver to you: Lazy Monkie, a fruity New England IPA. Feel free to come have a taste at their booth because they are also represented at the tradeshow

How can you contact Andy?

This company can be contacted through different channels.

Andres Van Assche – manager

Gsm: +32 472 01 71 72

E-mail: andreas@andy.be

Website: https://andy.be/nl/

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