7 reasons to join the JCI European Conference 2022 and 7 days until our Early Bird ends

JCI European Conference 2022 has welcomed several members and countries thanks to the Black Friday deal. Now, we are focussing on the deadline of our Early Bird tickets. You can still enjoy our pricing at 425 euro, if you order before the 17th of December 2021. But you haven’t ordered yet, so what are you waiting for? Well, we have 7 reasons why you should order now.

  1. We believe in organising the blueprint for a European Conference. The city of Bruges, a full program and the famous Belgian parties combined, are the list of things you need for a full blown conference experience.
  2. Let’s face the logical: it has been a while since we had a real European Conference, so June 2022 is a perfect solution to your problem.
  3. What is the financial advantage? Starting on the 18th of December 2021, you will pay 60 euro more for the same ticket 😉
  4. Fun fact: We haven 160 Michelin stars in Belgium and the best chocolate you will ever eat.
  5. The entire COC-team (more than 50 people already!) have been working their asses off for several years…we are o-so-ready to show off our hard work to you all.
  6. Due to these ever changing times, we have recruited a Covid Coordinator, who is ready to answer all your questions.
  7. If you buy in bulk, as a JCI Delegation for example, we have a special treat for you with some delicious Belgian Beer: Brugse Zot. Contact your country manager A S A P to make the deal.


Important information on payment and cancellation

We recently activated the possibility to pay via wire transfer, due to the many request of the JCI members.

Also, let’s be very clear:

Should the physical event be cancelled, the EC Bruges 2022 Team will provide a virtual experience. Your ticket will be valid for the virtual event, and a refund of 75% will be offered

Are you ready to join the blueprint of a European Conference?

Register now, enjoy the Early Bird price until the 17th of December and be ready to visit Bruges next year!

ps: are you a JCI Senator? We have created a full program for you, all the information can be viewed here.

Kenneth De Decker
Communications Director
EC Bruges 2022

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