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Food for generations

To inspire young people to create a bright food future that is good for the planet and themselves.

At ECBruges we believe food is a necessity for life, It brings joy, taste and variation to life, it gives energy, and perhaps above all, it brings people together. The conference we want to organize is the culmination point of a trajectory of many events and touch points.

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About JCI Brugge and JCI Houtland

the longstanding friendship between these neighbouring local organisations is the basis for this project.

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Check Who Makes This conference Possible! to significant support from its Board of Trustees, receives contributions.

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Date: 15-18 june 2022 (proposed dates) 
Time: 08:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Location: Bruges, Belgium 
Hall: Bruges Convention Center + Crowne Plaza Bruges + Bruges concert hall. 

  • Crowne Plaza Bruges 
  • Hotel Gran Casselbergh 
  • Concert hall Bruges